Industrial Ovens & Furnaces

It’s Our Work For 45 Years

We are an Industrial enterprise specialized in manufacture of industrial furnaces and Ovens for industrial thermal process. Our manufacturing program are ovens and furnaces for heat treatment, Heating and Drying, furnaces for ceramic, glass, enameling, dental, laboratory and equipment. We producing all kinds of muffle and annealing furnaces with or without gas protective system, Vacuum, systems for nitro carburizing, carburizing, continuous belt furnaces for ceramic and metal, melting furnaces and equipment.

Factory Tour [youtube]

Ovens and Dryers

annealing and solution annealing

Annealing and Hardening
up to 1300 °C

Chamber Furnaces With Integral
Protective Gas Retort

Boogie Hearth Furnaces

Dental & Laboratory

Continous Belt Furnaces

Spare parts and Materials

Qlab analog ovens

Annealing and Hardening
up to 1200

Qlab Benchtop ovens

Qlab series 93C incubators

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